How long will my video be?

It depends. The goal is to tell the story of your day in the most effective way possible. This means that the length of your video will be different from another couple's video as your day is different. Factors that may impact the length of the videos are; the length of the ceremony and speeches, whether or not you do on camera interviews before the ceremony, and what your guests do on the day. The approximate times are 7 to 10 minutes for the Highlights Video and 25 to 45 minutes for the Documentary Video.

How do you select the music?

I have access to a large library of licensed music that can legally be used in professional videos. One of the largest tasks of the editing process is to search this library to find the right songs that fit the footage and the personalities of the people involved.

Can you use my favourite song by my favourite artist in my wedding video?

Short answer: Due to copyright laws this is not possible. Long answer: If you want to share your video on the Internet then this is not possible. Also, the goal is to tell your story in the best possible way. By pre-defining which song/s will be used it limits the abilities to do this. One case this is possible is if a) you do not wish to

What happens if We do not like the music you choose?

Before your wedding I will discuss with you the types of music you like (and dislike). This will give me a guideline of what to look for when picking the tracks that best compliment your story. Then, before the video is finalised and sent to you, you will have the option to opportunity to view the video and veto any song choices I've made. While this has never happened before, at the end of the day it is your video and I want to ensure that you are happy with it.

What is your Process from booking to delivery?

Consultation - Booking (50% etc) - On the day - Post -production - Delivery

Are you discreet?

Of course. On your big day I will aim to strike a balance of capturing the essential moments to create a treasured record of your wedding day while minimising the impact that my presence has on the day itself. Then, once the edit is done, I’ll allow you to preview the video before I officially send it to you so you can let me know any bits you want changed or removed. It’s your wedding, and your wedding video, so I want you to be happy.

Do your prices include VAT?

I am not currently required to charge VAT. So the prices on my website reflect the total price.

Do you capture Bride Preparation?

That is entirely up to you. My standard packages include 10 hours of coverage, so, in most cases, this should be enough to cover from bridal preparation to the first dance. If not, additional hours of coverage can be purchased for £45 per hour.

Do you capture Groom Preparation?

Again, that is entirely up to you and your schedule. As a general rule of thumb, if the bride and groom are getting prepared in locations no more than 10 minutes apart then it shouldn't be an issue. But please contact me if you would like to discuss it more.

I've seen Pre-Ceremony Interviews in your Other videos - Can you do the same for my Wedding video?

Absolutely. Interviews are a great way to communicate your story in your video. Provided that you can make time before the ceremony on your big day, then there is no extra charge for this. Each interview will take approximately 15 minutes including camera and microphone set-up.

How to you capture audio?

During the ceremony I will but a small lapel microphone on the groom. This is sufficient to pick-up the groom, bride, and celebrant's voices during the ceremony. I also use a professional grade shotgun microphone on my main camera and discreetly place additional microphones in the venue to pick-up ambient noise. During the speeches I will discuss with you the best way to capture the audio with your given set-up. This is usually to place several microphones at the head table. If a sound mixing board is being used for the ceremony and/or speeches then I will plug a recorder into that.